Eversion Ankle Sprain

     Recently, I have been having ankle pain on the interior side of my ankle. Because the injury has not gotten better, I decided to look up the possible problem and ways to cease the pain. 

     Most ankle injuries, such as typical ankle sprains, occur to the ligaments on the outside of one’s foot. There is another type of sprain called an eversion ankle sprain, which injures the deltoid ligament (on the inside of one’s foot). This type happens if the ankle turns laterally beyond ligament and muscular control. This is common in activities that require a lot of jumping, like dancing. 

     To help heal faster, it suggested to do range of motion and strengthening exercises. The range of motion exercises include pulling back on a towel wrapped around your foot for a stretch and tracing the alphabet in the air with your toes. To regain strength, it is recommended to do thera band exercises and balancing exercises to make the ankle muscles stronger. 

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