Injury Prevention

If an injury occurs, it is devastating. Depending on the timing and how severe the injury is, the dancer may be out for a couple weeks of classes, a show, or may be asked to leave the company. People say that injury is the life of a dancer, but this does not have to be the case. If the dancer educates him or herself on correct technique and training, some of the injuries could be prevented. Dancers in general need to increase their knowledge on anatomy and how it works. A dancer can do this by…

1. Having a deeper understanding of movement patterns – A basic understanding of human anatomy allows the dancer a different perspective in understanding movement patterns and where they come from, giving the dancer . This will allow the dancer to be more connected with their body and they may also feel a much deeper experience in the process.
2. Knowing their Personal Idiosyncrasies – Dancers need to know their own bodies and how they respond to training. No one is created the same, so no one’s bodies will respond the exact same.
3. Empowering in body transformation – Dancers can be motivated to becoming better at particular movements by gaining strength in weaker muscles. In the end, this will help the dancer in their overall performance.
4. Understanding Personal Responsibility – A dancer needs to acknowledge their weaknesses, so they do not push themselves past the limit of safety.
5. Developing Conditioning Programs – It is important to condition your body to create maximum range, balance, and strength to complete not only ballet moves, but contemporary movement as well.
6. Doing a Full Rehabilitation when injury does occur – It is important to let your body rest when an injury does occur, otherwise the healing process will not be able to occur.


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